Artwork Gallery

Most of my paintings and murals are acrylic, and the topics range from portraits, pets, people, celebrities, musicians.

Music and dance are tremendous influences and inspiration, as well as nature and the sea.  You will find a pirate and mermaid category, as a result!

There is also photography, colour, black and white and a specific category for Infrared, a very specialized film,  uncanny in its ability to capture the unseen realm. 

The category of Mural and Tactiles, were often commissioned works, and custom designs.

The Who: Quadrophenic PortraitRen LogoKeithMoonRoyaltyKeith Moon LivesInfluencesKeith and RenSpinelliLipashu:  First DrummerCharles A ReynoldsAlice CooperClarence ClemonsAmyClaude KennedyJimi HendrixDrummer HeartJohn Roman AngeShaman OfferingDaisy DrummersJokerTriple TreatBaileyJaxTobyJacoJaco %26 SchtinkumsNeoZeke UnleashedBailey %26  EileenSparrowHunter S. ThompsonJoker CardRobert Downey JrBetty BlackFanDanceMoulinAkashaJamGypsiesShaman DrumWolf King of New OrleansHorseman of YemayaCastillian PirateCrowning of LeoMasked MajourityRasta Frog EyeWorldsLa Chatte FouIsland GirlCalypso GoddessMoon PirateMalakaii.jpgEtienneSaffiraLemuriaAleoneJesusPhoenix Rising.jpgMermaid GaiaMer FolkMermaid HeartCpt. and Co.Captain's CatchCp.t TeagueMasquerade NoirOn the BorderStormsThreshold of  DreamOceanusFelinitySword JusticeThe WalkWolf HeartDivine DualityLune 1HuntersHeavenRécolteLupin d'Amour.jpgAnge GothiqueMIKL.jpgGhost DancersMag's Rainbow BridgeSeerQuestion of BalanceColour1-raw.jpgMother and Child Reunion.jpgRebirthSheera.jpg