Portraits: Music, People & The Arts

The Who  40x30 $1000. USD

Tom Waitts  Prints Only

Jimi's Blues. 11x14  $200. USD

Ledger's Joker.  Prints Only.

Claude Kennedy. Prints Only

Michael Jackson.  Prints Only

Hunter S. Thompson.  Prints Only

Marie Steurer Portrait

Billy Champion Memorial Portrait

John Ange Drums...

Doc & Bonnie Lass Portrait

Moulin Windmill Prints Only

Influences 16x20 $300.  USD

Alice Cooper  9x12  $200.00 USD

Joey Ramone. Prints Only

Keith Moon.  Prints Only

Tripping Bat Country.  Prints Only

Bellamino. Prints Only

Depp's Cpt. Sparrow 22x28. $400. USD

Judy Portrait

Hal Wolfe

Daisy Drummers. 16x20  $300. USD

Marie Orsello City Hall Memorial

Fan Danseur. 16x20. $300 USD

Logo:  Moon & R  N/A

MoJo Rising. 16x20 $300. USD

Amy  11x14 $200.USD

Moon & R.  Prints Only.

Spinelli: Portrait of a Drummer

Tora & Marley

Cpt.'s Quest.  Prints Only

Hilary Portrait

Roman Ange. 20x24. $400. USD

Vicki Drums...

Daniel DeWindt Portrait

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